Monday, 7 November 2011

roses, repairs and remonstration

I was given roses on the weekend. So pretty.
I'm waiting this morning for a call to come through to let me know when Chris is coming up to the studio to fix my new sewing machine. Friday was not a good day. The Compacta iron decided that although it had a new cap that was not the problem and shot steam everywhere, then mid afternoon the Pfaff flashed an 'error 7' message and seized up. I threw my hands in the air and came home after ringing and booking the repairman. So now I am waiting on the call to say the boys are on their way with toolkit.
I can't believe the first week of November has been and gone. I lay on bed this morning running through the  calendar and the work to be done. I groaned and rolled over. First off I need to get piles of stuff done for this and then we have this to do and then of course there is this, hence my groaning and moping and lollygagging about.
Must get my arse in gear, must get my arse in gear, must get.......
On that not I had better get going, still have the shop counter to sort and Jethro to wrangle before I head out to the studio.

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  1. What sumptuous roses - heaven....mmm, can almost smell them from here! As for those other trifles - you'll knock 'em out of the park! Wish I could come to the one in a transformed residence in Fitzroy - how cool?

    Sarah x
    ps - Jethro, if you ever have the urge to travel, there is a small mousey problem in my barn,I will create crochet den and quarantine Boodle for the duration of your stay! x


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