Saturday, 26 November 2011

this little piggy

So we are now in the finishing stretch! The boxes will be packed tonight, the car loaded in the morning and off to Markit we will go! Please post a comment if you want us to bring anything in particular. I'll either end up taking too little or too much, I do tend to be on the 'kitchen sink' side though. We will be set up in the BMW Edge foyer if you get all overwhelmed when you get there.

There will be new stuff to see too. Perhaps a range of crochet motif t-shirts in a slew of pretty colours. Maybe some lovely Xmas decorations. If there are any satchels left perhaps they will come for a jaunt as well. 

I am really looking forward to next Monday, the last two weeks have been heavy on the deadlines and  whilst I have a ton of things to be done in the studio I am going to spend a day or two making the Xmas window display and attempting to cram a whole pile of stock into the shop. Although I love our tables, I really miss our old huge shop table, that little bit of extra width was so handy.


  1. Special delivery crochet tee to East Sussex Pen! I 'll cook us lunch and everything! Good luck at Markit xXx


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