Friday, 11 November 2011

another binary day

There has been a lot of binary days over the last two years, I think this is the last one for quite some time, and it is Remembrance Day too. Remember to stop for a minute at 11am won't you? If you are in the city the bugler will probably step out into the middle of the road at  the intersection of Collins and Swanston to play the Last Post. Last time I was there for it tourists were all confused and muddled (as were many locals). It was beautiful, it is such an eerily lonesome sound.
On a brighter note I ate my first cherries of the season and they were hugely expensive and yum to the max. All the stone fruits seem to be very early this year, new weather patterns perhaps, and I hope with the humidity and rain they don't all split- although that might mean a good cheap jam making season.
A day of running about hither and thither yesterday. The blanket patchwork is off at the quilter and now I need to get the denim run done as quick as possible (today's job) so I can deliver it and get that through to the quilters by early next week. We've had a new delivery of feathery birds and I have spent the last few nights starting to price them and panicking as to where we are going to put them. So some are out in the shop now and I am hoping to getting around to photographing the Xmas decorations and getting them onto the Cottage Cartel site.
Don't forget that it is the Fitzroy Primary School auction tonight! Lots of fabulous booty to be had, all donated by local businesses (like us!), I've seen the list and it's pretty amazing. It's always a really lovely night with food and drink and music and kids running everywhere. Come on down if you are in the 'hood!

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  1. Always tear up over the last post.

    Was driving past the Cottage last night at about 9.30 and it looked very pretty in there!

    Cherries! adding them to my shopping list



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