Wednesday, 23 November 2011

hot air

Early on sunday morning I awoke to a familiar noise, if you live in the inner city it is a magical sound. The sound of hot air balloons firing their burners, I love it when ballooning season comes around. They sailed passed my window, first one, then four and then a single last of the pack, then up and over the housing commission flats at Atherton Gardens. I love the story of a friend and his little boy chasing a balloon all the way across town from north to south one sunday morning.
Yesterday was a crazy day with unpacking of boxes, the mailman was a busy man (we have lovely mailmen here) and from 8.30 on I felt like I was up and running. I even had to go to Telstra again because they sent me the wrong connection information for the email account on the iPhone (the info was for any other phone than a smart phone)... why mail me my new phone when I have to end up going into the damn Telstra shop twice to get the thing working? Arrgghh.
I need to get some photos sorted, we have some fabulous stock in. The one product that made me really chuckle is the 'M.K.S.' (Men's Knitting Sticks!) made by the folk at Art Viva who do our great spotty ended knitting needles. A pair of 10mm knitting needles with red ball ends presented in a tube with a picture of a slightly worried looking man knitting on it. Manly safety enhanced knitting needles for the Y chromosome in your life.
I also started hoarding and planning the Xmas window display but I am not allowed to start that until after Markit, although I am open for some sidetracking from my work sadly. I just can't get focused on it but I must today. I am off to the studio, Jim's Tag and Testing (like Jim's Mowing but more electrical) is coming to do all my power cords for the market so I have been scoring the house for extension cards to make the visit worthwhile.
I feel like my head is filled with hot air and that I am not quite on target with anything at the moment. I'm not happy with myself at all. I'm trying to work out what to do to make myself a bit sparkier, perhaps 50 metres of tea towel bunting. I think it's just the downside of last weeks furious quilt making and delivery deadline. Sort of like how one felt after exams finished, rudderless and exhausted.
And to think... Xmas Eve is only one month and a day away.


  1. I love that hot air balloon story too!

  2. Lovely - hot air balloons look so serene over the city - I like the contrast between them over the whirly-burly city.
    Can't wait to see the MKS - tho maybe they should be BKS, that sounds more blokey...
    Hugs, Jas


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