Wednesday, 9 November 2011

the temperature's rising, pressure- stat!

Well Monday ended up being a crazy day. The lads came in and tinkered with the sewing machine (basically fixed just needs slight oil adjustments now) and Chris gave me the semi bad news about the steambox iron, pressurestat and thermostat rooted and needed replacing, good news I am more than capable of doing the repairs. So off to Jackson's I went then back to the shop to catch up with Harriett from The Mix in Sydney and the afternoon whizzed by in a blur of madness. Some days are like that.
Yesterday I played Iron Doctor, I replaced the 'stats', fitted new red and green lights and attached a new temperature knob (the last three things have been broken for ages and I had just gotten used to them, as you do). Apart from the grot and dust the iron is now smart as a pin. I even cleaned the sole with a bit of Spirits of Orange! My iron is nearing the point of 'grandpa's axe', it's had the shoe replaced, along with steam hose, numerous caps, on and off switches, the solenoid and now the pressurestat, thermostat et al. Chris assured me it is still fine and will only die when the wiring is finally cooked beyond help. Curiously a new one is exactly the same price as when I bought this one 10 years ago.
So a weird couple of days with crazy humidity and thunderstorms and more forecast for today. Jethro and I slept in this morning, we were awake half the night before with the rain and crazy people smashing bottles (as they like to do on hot nights) and a furry someone chasing giant moths around the house. I think I have seen more thunderstorms in the last year than in the whole rest of my life. Tropical Melbourne.
I'm not sure what shoes to wear today, if I go the Birkenstock route I will probably be sloshing about in the rain but if I wear Converse I'll probably end up hot. A raincoat is definite but do I need a cardigan? You see how confounding my days can be. Ha! I better run, I need to get to Richmond and back before I head up to the studio. If I remember my camera today you might even get some pretty photos in the next post.

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