Wednesday, 30 November 2011


There has been a bit of sleeping in here, no setting of the alarm, just waking up when we wake up- which is strangely the same time we always get up just without the blaring of the buzzer and the hitting of the snooze button. Monday, post Markit, was spent on the computer emailing and paying bills and checking up on stuff. Yesterday was a run up country in the heat and humidity to look for branches for the Xmas window display, not quite as successful as I hoped. There is a roadside area I like to acquire branches from but with all the rain there was sloshing creeklets of water that I couldn't get across.
The decoration plan seems to be changing as I work on it, I'm having trouble with some of the materials and can't get the colours I need in other bits. Oh well, I am always one to embrace the changes that happen in a work in progress, it's just that it is at the ' oh crap, why did I start this?!' point. I must persevere and break through the creative pain barrier. Working on a project like this at midnight sometimes clouds your vision, that awful waking up in the morning to find a mess on the floor and an askew attempt at craftiness.
As you can tell I am avoiding the studio.

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