Tuesday, 22 November 2011

the seven pillars of weirdom

Sorry for the radio silence, I've been up country visiting our Queens of Craft. I just got back last night with much unpacking and pricing to do. Whilst I was away a big box of new Cambridge Satchels arrived, I hadn't know what we were getting and I opened it to a fluoro-fluoro-fluoro! Mixed in with all Ann's crocheted goodness the shop is looking like a Pantone colour swatch book. Ann has made us some new crochet throws and the tea cosies are the Kings of Cosies, covered in flowers and bees and strawberries they are fabulously gorgeous. I think I may have to build a new shelf just to display the tea cosy riot.

I didn't get a huge amount done last night, long driving hours always knocks me about and I stumbled to bed glad to be sleeping in my own room. Then of course I had the craziest dream that one afternoon working in the shop I just walked out and got on a passing tram. I left with no money and the shop door wide open, some silly dream plan of jumping off at the next stop and walking back but somehow I ended up in Northcote, where in a panic I jump on a tram that should return me to the shop but run into old acquaintances who tell me of the fabulous self help book that changed their world called 'The Seven Pillars of Wisdom' (sometimes my dream mind likes to play jokes like that). This time I end up in Windsor where a street festival shuts the trams down and I have to make a run for a bus and arrive at a strange shopping mall in Armadale that I have trouble escaping. Finally climbing out a window I am back on another tram but looking out the window I see we are heading to Luna Park, at which point I 'thought this is ridiculous' and managed to suddenly return to the shop where fearful that the place has been ransacked I find everything is OK. I woke up and snorted and thought 'yep that about sums things up'.
Bit stressed perhaps?
Count down to Markit doing my head maybe?


  1. AT least you didn't get monstered by some scary Mikey inspector wanting to know if you had paid your fare...
    Yeah, could be you need a cup of tea and a bit of alie down at some stage!!!
    Hugs, Jasmine

  2. ahhh the cosies are sublime, and a crazy-riot-of-colour! I prefer crochet to knitting any day of the week.
    Your poor brain! If I have those I-can't-get-anywhere dreams, I wake up exhausted!


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