Thursday, 13 October 2011

and the coloured girls go.....

Sorry for the lack of posts, flat camera batteries and a lack of motivation primarily to blame, and lots of other activities going on like getting to rummage through the first three boxes of treasures collected in Mexico by the lovely Zara. She's brought us the cream of the crop, the Best in Show, the bee's knees and there is more to come!
First on the racks are the new coloured Frida dresses. Red and navy*! It's always a marvel to unpack these garments, they are just so beautiful and each one unique, different colour combos, different flowers, birds, baskets and bows. There is also more of the 'Sophie' style garments but they are not out yet (we've run out of hangers and cord for our swing tags). We have a batch of long sleeve white-on-white voile dresses/long tops which will look fabulous over jeans or with skirts- or over your bathers if you are that way inclined.
I hate it when I just post about shop stock, I hate it in other people's blogs and feel embarrassed when I do it here too. I suppose I better suck it up, I have a shop full of stock to sell..... and what stock it is! The coloured Fridas are in limited supply, we have red in small, medium and large and navy only in medium but more sizes in the navy arriving very soon, so please if you would like one hurry in, we really hate it when people are disappointed. And you are welcome to phone if you are interstate and we'll talk you through them or send photos if we have the time or the camera batteries are recharged.

 *Thinking of you Emma, Queen of Navy!


  1. dO IT DO IT! I love hearing about your treasures Pen!What has Jethro set his heart on?

    Sarah x

  2. Beep de beep de beep diddy beep beep de beep de beep is how the coloured girls go!
    Love your posts - it's a great way for people who can't just pop into your lovely shop to see what's hot to trot!


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