Tuesday, 18 October 2011

a good lie in

I seem to be unable to get out of bed at the moment, I am enjoying that morning sleep in far too much. Yesterday I finally crawled from bed at 9.15 and really it totally threw my morning into disarray (mainly because there was a whole pile of things I had left undone the day before and I had an hour to put them to rights) so I decided no studio but to venture out on a quest. I had been trying to hunt down some components via the internet but, as I always find, it is so much better to go out and talk to people.Especially lovely 'old skool' types who give you addresses and contacts for obscure people in strange places and even call them to smooth the way. A lesson for Big Business, you may not get a sale this time but by helping someone in their search they will come back in the future and buy, and whilst the interweb thingy may be OK when you know precisely what you are after, it really doesn't compete in sales service and experience.
I really love hanging out in old style trade-y supply shops, I end up learning so much.
I love traditional hardware stores (not many of those left since Chalmers closed), shops that specialise in nuts and bolts and washers and screws, places that trade in obscure bits of kit, factories where they have made the machinery that makes the thing you are after, it's all so ingenious and simple and brilliant.
Anyway I'm running late again and better get my arse in gear and down to the studio. I've got things to make.

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  1. Because I'm tired and squinting I thought Jethro was wearing a party hat...


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