Monday, 10 October 2011


Nothing to report. Quiet day yesterday, pretty much doing nothing, I needed things to be still for a few hours. I didn't get the drill out, I didn't do any vacuuming, I did put on a load of washing. Jethro slept for hours on end. I drank tea and stared at the wall, although by 9pm I had to stop myself from rearranging the big room, as you do when the piles of boxes and stuff starts to totter and overwhelm you.
I wish I had a whole other day to do nothing. I've snuck in an extra half hour in bed but now I feel the pressure of starting the week. Here we go again. Once I've sculled my tea and got dressed I'm off to Richmond to check a couple of things out and then up to the studio where a pile of zips and a mountain of tea towel cushions await me.

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