Wednesday, 5 October 2011

he's three today

Jethro is three years old today.
Looking over photos last night I marvelled at how he's changed and how he's stayed the same.
There are no presents but we had a cuddle and I thanked his little white socks for being such a handsome character of a kitty. According to the cat wall at the Show he is now 28 human years old, great that's all I need, a late 20 something male in my life.
Normally I would do a 'compare-the-pair' photos but I thought a selection of kitten shots was in order.
The one above was the first photo I took of him after I picked him up from the vet, he spent the day playing in the studio, and the one below was his first Xmas window display. Yes I admit I am a cat-tragic but look at that face, his fan club is legend around here, he even appears in the blog stat searches, 'jethro cottage industry'. I kid you not.
It's a joy having you around kitto.


  1. Adorable. Happy birthday Jethro.

  2. Oh happy birthday for yesterday mister J. Love him.

  3. Aren't they great!! Happy Birthday J.


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