Wednesday, 19 October 2011


I've been wanting to re-work the scarf dresses for sometime now. It's such a classic but it's also such a bugger to make, slippy and slidey and silky and I really have to be in the right frame of mind to do them. I also wanting to re-draft the pattern and last Friday I stood at the cutting table and was totally bamboozled by the base block I use for this garment, it made my head swim, so I waked out of the studio and left it all over the cutting table.
Yesterday I walked in and it was all so obvious.
So the first trial garment is done and I am more than happy with it. I still need to do the hem and grade all the sizes but the changes I've made make please me and now I just need to be good and get my arse in gear and start making.
After last evening's amusement with Jethro sitting in the Haby Box box Anna found a wasp in the window and we decided to grab it before Jethro found it. I grabbed it in a calico shoe bag and screamed 'farrrk' as it stung me through two layers of cloth, right on the tip of my finger. I've been stung by wasps before and it is absolutely excruciating. I can't compare it too a bee sting as it is so long since I've been zapped by one but at least with wasps I don't swell like I do with a bee. I had a foot the size of a football once and a forearm like a ham with skin cracking and peeling and itching to drive one insane. My wasped finger did manage to feel like it had an electric current running through it for 5 hours and it's feeling a little over-zapped today but all worth Jethro not having a rude shock if he had decided to make a new friend.
The wasp survived, we threw him out on the street and even though Anna wanted to stomp him I said let him go, then I slammed the door and hoped he didn't call all his friends down because when there is one wasp there will be 100,000 hiding around the corner! (I learned this from last time I was stung.)

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