Saturday, 8 October 2011

all my chickens have come to roost(er)

Actually all eight of them. I have nowhere to store them as they will have to be under lock and key thanks to a furry housemate who will want to 'love' them. I think I may have caught poultry fever but how could I turn down a whole chicken coop of crazy roosters?! We've got leghorns, a silkie, cochins, frizzles and a gamebird (sounds like a bunch of homie rappers). I think people who came into the shop as we unpacked them yesterday may have thought we were completely mad as we ohhhed and ahhhed over them. I'll need to make blocks for them to sit on and I don't think we have big enough domes for them to go under but, oh my, they are fabulous. So if you know any poultry fanciers out there then let them know we have some chooks available for adoption.
Rooster in a henhouse.
The rooster has landed.
If you want a long distance adoption we can send photos, you know the drill.

In other, less macabre perhaps, shop news we have new tea towel cushions in, the 'Australian Parrots' and 'Toowomba' ones are really corkers. There is also the three new tapestry pouff├ęs and I've made up some Welsh blanket cushions in a fabulous blue/green/black/cream combo. We are starting to think all things Xmas and are slowly starting to pop things into the shop.We are also now stocking beautiful Japanese fabric covered cords, 1.8 metres in length, they would look fabulous tied around presents and they can be used for crafty type things as well. The weekend I decide it is all going out on display is going to be a killer, I don't know where it is all going to go.
We have three Cambridge Satchel Co bags left and are waiting for our next batch to arrive. The Douglas sandals are in. The lovely vintage-y flower pins are out. Lots to do though.
Better go vacuum the shop.

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