Monday, 3 October 2011


The drill was out again this Sunday, three weekends running.
Perhaps it was the whole daylight savings change but I decided I really really needed to do a bit of cleaning. Of course the amount of cleaning here would take a whole week (if not longer) so I didn't get very far and of course it has caused mayhem, the cleaning ripple effect. Four loads of washing which will probably end up on the floor again but clean sheets and a confirmation that black floors just show the dust once it has settled again.
I may have ended up on the Ikea website at some stage trying to work out my storage issues. The problem is that if I pack things away they are so out of sight I never get them out again. Perhaps it's from living for the last 20 years in Victorian buildings with no cupboards or wardrobes, I have storage envy but don't know how to use it.
I did manage to finally hang the Marshmallow photos. They have been leaning against the table upstairs since the start of the year (!) and Jethro has managed to knock them over once in a crazed midnight run through the house. They weren't originally going on this wall but I think I like them here the best even if they clash a bit with the old photos of India. I've never been a matchy-matchy type anyway.
I better get my day in gear. I think there is more cleaning and sorting booked for the studio. Damn, I shouldn't have started that last week.

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  1. oh sigh, yes black floors are a maintenance issue n'est ce pas? I love them, but geez my vaccum has never had so much of a workout...


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