Friday, 21 October 2011


It was satchel delivery day today.... well actually satchel pick up day as Fedex stuffed up and I had to race to Derrimut in the middle of the afternoon to pick up three boxes of stock. Rainy Friday afternoon traffic is not much fun- especially when I almost got stuck in the city when the police decided to get a bit gung-ho.
As we tried to mark stock off we had people waiting to buy the satchels. Boxes and packaging and a brain melt down, Dell was very patient with me.
The shop is so bright and colourful it freaks me out sometimes- the satchel colours really POP. The new run of vintage Welsh blanket cushions are crazy, bright blue ones and magenta and yellow with black and some of our old favourites in cream with pink, green and yellow- ZING!
Time for a new window display, Sunday might be good for that unless I get sidetracked by reading a book or doing nothing.....

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  1. hooray for cheery colour and all things Welsh and blankety!

    Is Jethro sporting a rainbow ribbon?

    Sarah x


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