Saturday, 16 July 2011


Turn, turn.
I didn't get to the studio yesterday, it was a mix of errands to run and know it was quite possibly a really bad place to be in the mood I was in. I screamed at TNT for an hour and half on Thursday afternoon about four parcels they did not pick up and deliver, they collected one of the five going out. I know it's not good form to get angry with some telephone jockey but sometimes it can be quite good sport (I know, you are ashamed of me) and quite cathartic when after accusing you of not booking the pick-up properly, they finally admit that they have made a very big boo-boo and they are the ones at fault. Snigger, snort, ha!
The kitchen is still piled high with blankets being washed and dried and the washing machine is full of doilies that need to be hung out. Many years ago this building was a Chinese Laundry and sometimes I feel like the spirit of the place is still taking in washing. If the weather stays OK for the next few days I might get it all sorted and loaded into the car to go to the studio. Then I might actually be able to clean the kitchen and think about what delights I will cook for the Workshop snacks on the 31st.
I was meant to have all the fabrics ready to go to the quilters by the time Dell got back from accompanying Mr Cruickshank to Brisbane. Of course I am only part way there. I hope she won't be angry with me. Mind you I have a huge bag of old jeans out the back that also need to be washed before I unpick them and start patching them together to make some new vintage denim quilts -well that's the plan. It is of course the worst time of the year to be trying to dry mountains of heavy fabrics.
As usual it's got to that time of the morning where I need to get myself together for shopgirl duty.

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