Thursday, 21 July 2011

warm and fuzzy

We had a lovely celebration this evening.
Our dear friend Dell had her bike stolen a couple of weeks ago so while she was away last week we all got together and raised the money to buy her a new bike and to replace all the bits-and-bobs that disappeared with it.
We took the bike to the pub and waited for her to arrive. We think she may have been quite pleased.
We had chips and beer and talked and laughed. Then we waved her off as she cycled her way home.

Walking down Gertrude Street we also got a sneak peak of the Projection Festival. It starts tomorrow night at 6pm and really it is well worth venturing out in the cold and the wet (in fact that adds to the joy of it!).  Everyone strolls up and down the street and the lights on the building really make things look totally different, magical even.
It's free. It's a great excuse for warming drinks at bars and pubs and cafes.
And if you are really lucky Jethro may perform in the window at the Cottage- he thinks everyone has come down to see him.


  1. Sigh! Just missed out on this festival..saw the posters for it while I was staying in Fitzroy. What a beautiful thing to do for your friend. Lucky girl to have such amazing friends. And it's so important to have a bike over there...everyone rides them!
    Go jethro- you're definitely the star

  2. So Lucky!

    So much love!

    Thank you wonderful friends.



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