Wednesday, 20 July 2011

trial by committee

Just a generic shop photo today (taken yesterday as I had requests for photos for publicity). I have been very uninspired camera-wise lately, caused by a mixture of things. I'm off to the studio to wait for the cushion delivery man, to put zips in tea towel cushions, to prep more quilts, to attempt to not find excuses to skulk off. I've bought the zips and a new cap for my iron steambox so really apart from getting the newspaper and the milk I have no reason not to buckle under and work.
Last night I managed to get the garbage out (I hate Garbage Eve- except for the fact that it makes me collect up all the newspapers that litter the house), top dye two pots of gloves, ply up a hank of hand spun wool and start re-working my piece for Denim. I got a fair way into it and then had to undo half of it and start again. I wasn't really concentrating as I was sitting watching Murdoch Senior and Junior being quizzed, I found it strangely hypnotic and I felt weirdly sorry for Rupert (I kept wondering if Dame Elisabeth had called him to tell him how ashamed she was of the whole debacle). I had to prise myself away from the TV and go to bed otherwise I may have sat there all night like a modern day Madame Defarge.


  1. Don't you love the way all the newspapers-police-pollies are in bed with each other in all this?
    I thought of Dame Elisabeth too.
    I felt sorry for him too , a bit, evil tycoon that he is.
    Lots of heads will roll in time, I think. Maybe even governments.

  2. But where is your pussycat? On my recent stay in Fitzroy, your shop was closed the first time I went, but your cat was in residence in the window- gorgeous. Lovely to have life, even when you are closed.
    Loved your shop, BTW, when I returned (twice more) and found it open!


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