Friday, 29 July 2011


The next few days are going to be a bit frantic I feel.
I'm off this afternoon to help out at Tania's 'Summer Gleaning' project. This is part of the State of Design Festival and is in at the GPO and part of Tania's PhD work.
I'm still snuffling and coughing and I have managed to put a whole handful of tissues through the washing machine with a batch of laundry, nothing more annoying on the washing front than mushed up tissuage.
I have a lot of cooking and cleaning to do over the next 48 hours. The fun bit is going to be decorating the shop with Nikki's pompoms! I might even do that tonight which I am sure will completely bamboozle people coming into the shop tomorrow. We still have the pesky last place left for the afternoon workshop..... really it is getting quite hilarious.... please someone snap it up!

In Jethro news, he has finally caught the mouse he has been stalking for the last month. The downside of this is he has been playing with it in the bedroom since about 6 this morning. He loses it every now and then. Whilst a certain Bird I know is horrified, I feel that this is nature and I don't have the heart to confiscate it just quite yet. All the mice I have seen here are a lovely mink brown in colour, back in Brunswick Street days they were all mouse grey, I wonder about it, mouse tribe genetics.

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  1. was so nice to have you there lovely miss pen...bzzzz!


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