Thursday, 28 July 2011

last chocolate in the box

It's amusing us no end that the finally place in the Knitting Workshops still hasn't been grabbed up.
The last chocolate in the box, biscuit in the pack, apple in the bowl.
I dropped into see Nik at Harvest yesterday on the way back from the quilter's. I was lovely to see the tent up again (Sydney Powerhouse Museum last August) and Nik must have driven herself crazy feverishly making pompoms! The lights are from Lightly and are are a joint project between Nikki and Cindy Lee. We are hopefully stealing a few of Nik's props for Sunday, not the tent though- the whole of the Cottage could fit in there! We will be quite tightly packed on Sunday (blame it on the cushions and stock) but I think it will be quite cosy and there is no better way to meet people than by sticking them in the ribs with your elbow whilst knitting. If t here ends up being any knitting needle duels though you will have to take it out the front of the shop- en garde!
So people would someone please book the last place so we can hang a shingle on the door saying 'Fully Booked'? Thanks!


  1. I would so totally be in that last spot....if I didn't live 7 hours away!!!

  2. Hope you have the spot filled! I would have booked if not for junior footy finals...


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