Saturday, 4 December 2010

the sky is as blue as a sailor's eyes

Today is a big day.
You won't see me in the shop this afternoon (Ramona is standing in as shopgirl, please be nice to her) as I am off to the wedding picnic of the year. You remember that Dell and Adam eloped to Japan? Well today is the official party to celebrate that union, so we are all off to a park up the road to spread our picnicking rugs and eat.
This weather is all a bit worrying, with the crazy rain and the ground a bit (!) damp but nothing a tarp or two won't fix. This morning is extremely beautiful with blue sky blown clear of clouds and a cooling breeze. I must remember to slap on the sunscreen, I have a tendency to fry lobster red.
We were all asked to bring a plate and Dell asked my to do small sweet things, so I've made chocolate crackles and marshmallow. None of those weird chocolate crackles with substitute ingredients that have been doing the rounds of the internet over the last few months, these are the traditional version, copha and all. If it ain't broke why fix it? And the marshmallows are homemade in vanilla and toasted coconut and fresh raspberry. I do love a good marshmallow which may be why I bought some photos by this lovely girl (they are off being framed).
So I better get off and get the shop in ship-shape for Madame du Barry- I'll be in until about 2pm if you need to see me!


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