Wednesday, 8 December 2010

the d-files

Jethro is very pleased to get his photo on The Design Files.
Yes, Virginia, the Cottage Home is Grotsville!
Crap everywhere, notice the plastic storage boxes, the washing up, nicnackery up to the eyeballs.....

Thank you Miss Lucy!


  1. Oh I felt a bit like an intruder/voyeur over at TDF.....but I have serious tin envy! Oh and what sizes are your mini Frida dresses re Hazel?

  2. Oh gorgeous photos Pen - even better than insideout. And your style is fabulous - and I say that because we like so much of the same stuff! Loiving your patchwork curtain, along with everything else...

  3. bring on the niknackery Pene!! I LOVE IT! only you see it as mess. We see it as extreme cuteness.

    Thankyou for sharing your home with the D-Files! (I love that abbreviation btw!)

    Luce xxxx


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