Wednesday, 22 December 2010

count down

Things are amping up and slowing down here at the same time. I think I am about done in the studio but I still have stuff to potter over at home- new leather purses, some round bottom grannies (purses that is) in new vintage fabrics that should be in-store later today.
On an annoying note- the d**n f**king birds still haven't arrived.
On an up note- Jethro has recovered from the Great Fur Ball Incident of 2010 and I gave him a brush yesterday evening that made me feel very guilty of how that may have come about.... he's not like Spot who loved being brushed and though I have tried from when he was a kitten to get him to like it he just thinks its a reason for a huge play fight. He did lie still for the first bit and then it became attack time. I'll persevere.
I'm off for a catch-up brekky with an old friend this morning, then down to pick up some lamp bases and maybe a run to the supermarket before back to the shop to hover around and annoy Dell. Poor Anna got run off her feet yesterday and then I came home and got in her way and upset her like I always do. Sadly our counter, or indeed the shop, isn't big enough for two salesgirls.
The last three days- here we go!


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