Monday, 23 April 2007

Good Will Bunting

Extreme recycling!
Managed to recycle overcuts from the recycled vintage tea-towel shopping bags......therefore extreme recycling.
Stuck though with how I'll be able to recycle offcuts from the offcuts- I suppose it must end somewhere- although handmade linen/cotton rag paper could be the next step......
Spent the afternoon chuckling to myself about the name of this new product. Small things amuse.....
Also have started the new crochet cushion collection, chopped up some beautifully made afghans, backed them with denim and in store very soon I hope. (you can see the first few on the floor in the picture below).
The studio is now strung with metres and metres of GWB. Even more was made after these shots were taken.

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

pebble power- flamingos are doing it for themselves

For all of you who love other people's craft as much as me (well it's a but of a love/hate relationship around here) I present 'Flamingos with Lotus'.

To recreate this masterpiece you will need the following
* textured wallpaper
* artificially coloured crushed quartz
* metallic string
* glitter
* bottle of aquadhere
* taste by-pass (I can remember one of my older sisters being heavily into this type of 'art', she spent a lot of time at Arbee in the city- anyone else remember this emporium of all things crafty on Lt Bourke? I am probably a shade too snarky about this but just it down to sisterly apathy. )

If anyone founds any more of this style of work in an op shop in or around Melborne give me a 'hoy- I think I may need more!

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Easter is a coming and the bunnies......

....have showing their breasts!
The window display at Koko Black in Carlton reduced Jess and I to tears of hysterical laughter.
They appear to be doing an Anna Nicole and flashing their boobs.
I couldn't resist taking a photo or two.

'...for to scrape out a tune on your heart...'

Once again time has got away from me- in very way possible- and I haven't had a chance to write.
Its been that strange in between time with work going out, no money coming and no time to scratch myself.
Decided yeaterday that I couldn't do without new music so blew $50 down at Polyester. As Chris commented 'as usual buying cheerful music...haha', not of course, purchased the latest Low and an old Alasdair Roberts, 'Farewell sorrow' whenst comes the quote above. Fantastic song, reminds me of 'Wind and Rain' (I have a version with Gillian Welch and David Rawlings that is just unbelievable). I think this week's Scottish flavour has been influenced by watching 'Hamish MacBeth' 3rd season over the weekend- Jess and Jason managed to snatch my copy out of the dvd player before it had barely cooled from my watching!
I just can't work to anything to energetic and thrashy, so the last few weeks has been Patsy, Dolly and Nancy on those days when Pat's in working. She loves Dolly.