Wednesday, 4 April 2007

pebble power- flamingos are doing it for themselves

For all of you who love other people's craft as much as me (well it's a but of a love/hate relationship around here) I present 'Flamingos with Lotus'.

To recreate this masterpiece you will need the following
* textured wallpaper
* artificially coloured crushed quartz
* metallic string
* glitter
* bottle of aquadhere
* taste by-pass (I can remember one of my older sisters being heavily into this type of 'art', she spent a lot of time at Arbee in the city- anyone else remember this emporium of all things crafty on Lt Bourke? I am probably a shade too snarky about this but just it down to sisterly apathy. )

If anyone founds any more of this style of work in an op shop in or around Melborne give me a 'hoy- I think I may need more!

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