Monday, 23 April 2007

Good Will Bunting

Extreme recycling!
Managed to recycle overcuts from the recycled vintage tea-towel shopping bags......therefore extreme recycling.
Stuck though with how I'll be able to recycle offcuts from the offcuts- I suppose it must end somewhere- although handmade linen/cotton rag paper could be the next step......
Spent the afternoon chuckling to myself about the name of this new product. Small things amuse.....
Also have started the new crochet cushion collection, chopped up some beautifully made afghans, backed them with denim and in store very soon I hope. (you can see the first few on the floor in the picture below).
The studio is now strung with metres and metres of GWB. Even more was made after these shots were taken.


  1. good wood bunting. coming soon?

  2. oh my lordy that is just one whole lotta happieness right there!!!

  3. i totally love the bunting. it's gorgeous


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