Thursday, 26 July 2007

a day too long

(this pic is for the beautiful Mel in far away Wellington)

Woke at about 3 this morning wishing it was Friday because then Saturday would only be a day away, but no it was the too early hours of a thursday morning. I'm longing for a nights restful sleep, it is just not happening at the moment.
I went to the Alice Euphemia shop launch/birthday this evening directly from school and felt daggy and dumpy, sweaty and tired and was carrying the heaviest bag in the world. Everyone had had a chance to go home and frock up. Even though home is just down the road I didn't have the energy to go home, doll up and then head back up the street. Cinderella had no glass slipper, just sore feet and a tired demeanor.
Since I stopped the drinking and the smoking and the over-indulgence, my social threshold has plummetted. The boredom level is achieved way before everyone else's, I am so boring these days, I think I bore myself.
Six month holiday might do the trick (I wish).
But to counteract the moan and groan, I did get to see a few people I haven't caught up with in awhile, even if they were quick chats amongst it all.
Spot the Cat's in the shits with me as I have turned her heater off, I am tired and snarky (Dell I think I've caught your 'grrrr' attitude of last week, and if my feet didn't hurt so much would probably want to kick things) and really just need to go to bed. I'm like an overtired little kid tonight.
Maybe I'll make something that will make me feel productive and happy tomorrow!

Tuesday, 24 July 2007


A big gold leather pouffe! What every girl needs in her life!

Yes its real leather and yes it is coming home with me- mainly because its f**ked. Being the first sample and being as I was over eager it is kinda 'wrong'. Therefore it will be coming home one day soon (after I have finished painting the floor in the backroom). Dell was laughing the other day at my lack of owning pieces that I make, but you know how it is. Either you are always struggling to get out enough stock or you have reached saturation point and just don't want to have it staring you in the face all the time. Sadly it is usually the rejects that find a home here- like the leather purse that I finally started using a couple of weeks ago- after everyone had been buying them for a year.........d'oh!........ and I like it! It works! It is soft and leathery! It clicks when I snap it shut! Idjit!

So the pattern for the pouffe has been fixed and refined and hopefully if some money arrives I might slink down and pick up some more metallic foil leather...mmmmm. They will be hideously expensive but very glam.

Monday, 23 July 2007

better late than never

It was Andrea Canadia's birthday last week so here, belated I know, is a picture of us both at her glamorous wedding, just before her and the hubby scooted off to live in Canadia. Happy birthday you skinny-vegoid-yoga-freak! Eat more chocolate!

Spent pretty much the whole weekend in bed (except for the bits were I was reading the newspaper, eating danishes and throwing down valium/panadeine forte cocktails). It is amazing how much you can sleep all afternoon and still find it in you to sleep all night. I think I could still do with a good 24 hours in bed but I'm going to have to stagger it this week- I'm falling behind on some work that I really need to get out of the way. I think the energy-box was completely empty. Whilst my brain is a bit fried from the chemicals (it wasn't for pleasure I assure you- I could barely move with a seriously stuffed back, the pay-off for 3 very stressful weeks) I actually feel like I'm a bit more me, rather than the scary freak I think I've been of late. Not 100% but getting there.

Smudge sticked the studio last Thursday before heading in to RMIT- it seemed to do the trick. I was having trouble working after the studio open and thought 'hell it ain't gonna hurt', it seems to have done the trick as Friday was like Grand Central Station with everyone nice coming to visit and pick up stock. It was quite funny really with a hectic 4 hours of people coming and going.

This week's news....... I'm being interviewed for Network Ten morning show next Tuesday afternoon......... had to laugh.......
I find it all a bit weird............ really must do something about that website.............. what's that noise? I think my bed is calling........

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

aftermath- or the return to the ivory tower

Friday was stressful and somewhat strange. All the thanks in the world go out to Jess and Dell who were too wonderful for words. Jess is going to make a superb security guard one day! Her look of intimidation is a sight to behold! And gentle Dell smiled and kept the peace (what a cheeky smile that one has!).
Now I need to reclaim my studio.
This week hasn't left much time to actually be there. RMIT appointments Monday, today and tomorrow, Woori yesterday (cloud so low I couldn't see the hills but I bet there was snow to be seen) and piles of glove dyeing to be done. I don't know where to start with anything, which is why I spent the weekend painting the backroom at home.
And work to do for Eastern Market.......
I just really want to sleep for a week. Maybe Saturday........ maybe dream on.

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

rescue- person overboard!

Have resorted to rescue remedy pastilles (such a cool tin! if you were too stressed to read the base of the tin you'd never work out how to open it- I think that's hilarious!) for day-time and rescue remedy sleep drops to see if I can stop waking up at 5am.
2 and a bit days to go............ count is up to 80 emails........crap.......

Monday, 9 July 2007

it's my party and i'll hide in the cupboard if i want to

Have worked out that the angst I'm having about the Studio Open day is just like organizing a party -the main difference being that I don't know anyone who is coming. Dell says not to worry, I'm RSVPed up to the eyeballs and it's unlikely anyone is going to get drunk and be embarrassed in the morning (except for me- embarrassed, not drunk that is).
Stay tuned to watch me crumble into a heap of quivering blancmange by Friday morning......

Sunday, 8 July 2007

fear of the unknown

Don't panic!
I've been completely overwhelmed by the response to Studio Open and hope everyone doesn't turn up at the same time.....
Like to take my life in my hands and just throw open the doors.
I've basically gone into shut down over the last 2 days, hopefully I'm rested enough to do what I need to do to get the studio into some working order -otherwise 'fear of the unknown' might become 'fear and loathing in Las Fitzroy'!
Actually shut down should really read 'brain has turned to goo and can not string two coherent thoughts together'.
After going to MDM this morning (just to upset myself) I headed off to Ikea. Ok sunday in Ikea World is never a good idea but somehow it seemed far saner that the car-park in Fed Square. Blew money on more shelves and a table for the studio..... now have to spend tomorrow putting it all together. It might be a bit like doing the cryptic crossword to jump start my brain. My horoscope (heehee) yesterday said I'd be back under full steam by Tuesday- here's hoping.
I think I have developed a severe case of stage-fright/performance anxiety which might explain the consumption of comfort foods since the article appeared in The Age on Thursday (also the booking in for liposuction and facelift, and the personal trainer waiting in the wings).
So I think I should take a leaf out of The Spot Philosophy for a Calmer World and put my paw over my nose and go to sleep.

Sunday, 1 July 2007

book delight

Put this book on lay-buy the other day, had walked past it everyday as it sat in the window of the Brunswick Street Bookstore, and finally had to have it- of course I'm hopeless with lay-buys, I either forget to ever pick them up or race back the next day to pay for them. I waited 3 days this time!

It's an amazingly designed and produced book about one of my favourite contemporary designers Tord Boontje. The cover is made from the usual paste-board with the image attached and them bookbinders mesh over the top. And inside.... pages and pages of beautiful photos and on the text pages the side border is pinpricked out in flowers and birds- almost braille like.

Whilst Tord's Garland and Wednesday lights have been used in far too many shop fit-outs over the last few years, and silhouettes have been done to death, I still find his work very beautiful. The book has new pieces in it too- like a laser cut felt curtain to die for and stick on tattoos (the photo for that one is a hoot!). And best of all the text is actually quite inspiring. His family history of maternal textile based craft is really interesting (textile designer mother and weaver grandmother) and I think he can be held up someone who embraces the Craft as a hands-on designer,considering his training is as an Industrial Designer.

It's worth having a look at his site ( and checking out his work for Target (yes Target!) designing their Christmas 2006 displays, ads and product. (Puts the whole Australian Target to shame.)

Sometimes an inspiring book comes along just when you need it