Tuesday, 25 September 2007

pictures professionally produced

Got some product photographed (professional-like rather than happy-snap) last week. Here's a couple of the shots.
Have to organise (and this involves the making of more stuff) another shoot in the near future and get my shit together with the web-site and sending the images out to people- so much to do......... think I'll go watch NCIS......

crafty covers redux

I got in trouble from Nathan at Polyester for not including the Smallgood's in my crafty CD cover list- I saw it the week after I posted that subject and it's taken ages to find a pic on the web to use- excuses aside, here is their handworked-artwork. It's a bit hard to see but it has been embroidered, in fact right here in Melbourne, possibly on the front porch of a north of the river ranch.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

introducing Edgar

Found in Castlemaine- Edgar the Budgerigar. He is ceramic, painted and has a clip for feet.
I am obsessed by budgies at the moment. This started with a huge close-up photo in English Elle Decoration, a couple of months back, of a blue budgie- you could even see his eye-lashes.
We always had a budgie (or two) when we were growing up, there was Nutty, who was blue, and another blue one- can't remember his name- and Baby Jasper (he was mine and the most beautiful shade of irredescent green, with non-matching wings and was a xmas present) and Lady, who was grey, and Monday, who was a wild budg (eucalyptus khaki) who dropped by and stayed... strange we had so many budgies even though we were a total non-aviary type family, always cages and on sunday nights trying to get the budgie back in the cage after its weekly flight around the family room. All good fun.
And I mustn't forget Krishna the Blue Budgie who flew in my bedroom window here in Fitzroy one morning as I tearfully arrived home after a massive fight with my then boyfriend. I stood in shock in the doorway, pointing at the bird on my window sill, he landed on my finger. He was found many years later dead on the floor of his cage and buried underneath the peppercorn tree in the concrete backyard.

the grass is always greener

As last monday was my birthday I decided to hit the road and go into hiding. Off to Tasma House in Daylesford- stayed in the studio this time (bigger than the Gatehouse, even has its own grand piano).
The sun shone. The sky was blue. It was freezing. But best of all it was GREEN. With pink bits- huge trees of prunus in flower.

There was rain and rainbows.

There was dams full of water.

And there was club chairs, cups of tea, chocolate biscuits, 1930s crime novels and sitting in the sun.