Saturday, 27 January 2007

It's about time!

A month ago I wrote that I'd start posting in a week- and it's now the end of January so I better start!

The lead up to Xmas complete shattered me. November and December were just frantic, and the studio move in October- whilst being absolutely fantastic- didn't help either. This resulted in me being completely and utterly knackered and unmotivated for the whole of the last month. With the cooler weather this week I've felt a bit more focused and the phone has started ringing again. I think the problem has been that I have no trouble chugging along when I have TOO much work but trying to get that head of steam up is just boring beyond belief. There is so much to organize and do, that I don't know where to start!

Whilst I haven't done much paying work over the last month I have spent time- and money- getting the shelving and kitchenette sorted in the studio. Ikea to the rescue! Still looking for a massive table to attach knitting machines to and pile up handwork on. One wall is now lined with shelves stuffed with vintage fabrics- quite impressive as I haven't ever had the space to have them all out. Actually its not all.....there is still more in boxes.....and then I think of all the fabric I've got rid of in the past.....that way lies sadness and longing.....

I've been sorting out the mess that was left at home when we moved everything around to the studio. I've spent a couple of nights this week re-plastering the old workroom and no-more-gapping the floor ready for painting. I think it is going to become a 'sitting room', bookshelves all along one wall (containing every book and magazine that is currently littering the house) and the sofas and rug that are now in the front room. The front room has needed painting for the last 5 years, the last painting job was never finished and it only comes up to head height on 2 1/2 walls- ok I've been busy!- and there is too much crap everywhere to be able to paint! I'm thinking that if I can finish one room at a time I can move stuff around and actually complete a bit of a reno.

Anyway that's the plan at this stage- meaning that I'll probably run out of time or energy and it'll all go to hell in a handbasket!

So what am I working on at the moment?

It's coming up to autumn (I know it's still a little way off but...) and that means fingerless gloves. The angora is being knitted and the dye-pot fired up. I've put a few colours through and it looks like its going to be some favs from last winter and a pile of dirty jewel colours. 'Pine-lime' looks great against the charcoal, the mankey crushed berry purple and last winter's ultramarine. Lets hope its going to be a cold winter again! (Those of you who know me will know how much I love winter and loathe summer beyond belief, autumn and spring, though, are truly lovely here in the 'liveable city' as this week's weather reminds me- autumn in January! Perfect!)

The vintage tea-towel bags seem to know no end so this week will be back to sorting through the piles of tea-towels and producing some of the larger version made from tablecloths. I've managed to get a pile of cushions done, just need to finish buttonholes and sewing buttons on.

The metal frame purses, too, need to be worked on. Orders are coming through from interstate which is quite exciting.

And then there is the designs for winter clothing.....I need a machinist NOW!