Thursday, 16 December 2010

frog kings and brain melt

What an exhausting couple of days it's been. Early starts and working, working, working until midnight- except for a lovely shop Xmas dinner with Anna and Dell at Añada road last night. On the way there we stumbled across this little Xmas installation- the Three Wise Frogs and the Wishing Well. It had us in hysterics, the ground was covered in purple dyed rice and decorated with marshmallows, there was even coins in the turquoise water of the wishing well. We were surprised this morning to find the coins still there but the frogs were missing (perhaps someone kissed them and they turned into princes....). The deros of Gertrude Street must have thought it was all a delirium tremens hallucination. 
This afternoon Jethro had to go to the vet due to a slight case of The Dribbles.Of course he's fine and the vet can't work out why it came on but locusts are the current favourite cause. He got A+ for his dental hygiene and an F for attacking me when he got his vaccination shots- and a gold star for climbing into his carry basket without being prompted.
I really need to go to bed, rested I might actually be able to string two words together. Night all.
Oh and all those people waiting for emails- I promise to reply asap!

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  1. That is a real how dare you do this to me look! I get plenty of those from my cat Bernard (named after Bernard of black books fame!)


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