Friday, 10 December 2010

red sky at night

Where has the week gone? This roseate sky was last Friday night and here we are again.
I didn't manage to get nearly enough done yesterday, working on a coat sample that I really should have put aside to work on the more immediate stuff I need to do but it was annoying me sitting there and then annoyed me by being difficult. At least I now know I need to check the neckline/collar measurements- that's why one needs to sample!
There is a big cushion insert delivery today (oh my, where are we going to put them all once they are stuffed??), so there will be lots of zips to finish. I need to make more bunting. I need to cut out and sew more Agatha dresses. Leather purses. Beach bags. Bags for the Chutney Club raffle- quick only one week to get your tickets! And barely two weeks until Xmas......... arrrrggggghhhhhh!

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