Monday, 6 December 2010


Saturday was a right grand day!
The sun shone but a cooling breeze blew and there was green grass, good food, sweet things and sitting on picnic rugs. Adam made nice speeches and Dell refused to say anything public, she just smiled an awful lot. The girls ganged up and made them a wedding cake and lebküchen hearts to wear and everyone took photos.

Dell had asked me to doily a tree but we hadn't had a chance to get to the park before hand so I took a box of doilies with me. Miss B was going to help but she got bumped off by 9 year old Stella. At one stage we had a couple of under 5s rolling in the spare doilies, wearing them as hats and tucking each other under doily 'blankets', and when I asked them not to get them dirty one turned to the other and said 'you be careful, they are made of white you know'. Stella and I finished the tree with a doily spider web.

After all that fresh air and sunshine I slept long and deep.


  1. a day of happy people and good things - and a well earnt sleep to boot.
    hope you're feeling fine miss P
    and don't forget I have a little tokyo booty to supply you with this week!

  2. Your doily tree is great. love it. x

  3. How beautiful ~ sounds perfect. hearts and doily tree, what could be more lovely?

    Glad you had fun,

    Sarah x

    ps Ever tried doilying Jehtro? Just a thought......

  4. Oh, but Stella was so thrilled with her doily experience. She's sized up all her local trees ready for some action. I'll bring my own needle for the 10 yr anniversary picnic!


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