Friday, 17 December 2010

knitting the ravelled sleeve

Amazing how a bit of sleep can rejig the body and brain. I'm still deathly tired but now able to string words together and formulate plans.
There have been things happening in the shop. Sadly we are still waiting on the parcel of birds to arrive- five days late and yes I know it's just a Xmas post issue but p-l-e-a-s-e can it arrive today??!
But on the up side the Frida and Sophie dresses have arrived from Zara, including Baby Fridas in size 0-1 and the cutest things you have ever seen. This Frida batch is cream and the embroidery on the Sophies are in colours we haven't had before. And I am hoping to get them on the rack before I race out the door this morning.
When I visited Tasmania I brought back copies of the 'Country Women's Association in Tasmania's 21st Anniversary Cookery Book' as presents for my lovely friends. I really wanted to get some to sell in the shop and finally last week I got around to ordering some. They arrived on Tuesday, we put them in the shop yesterday morning and the first thing Dell sold yesterday morning was a copy of this little gem. I think is probably the best CWA cookery book and I grew up on the CWA of WA version. Mum was given it as a wedding present and for as long as I remember it had no covers, they had managed to drop off sometime in the Neolithic Age. It would make a fabulous present! Having watched the atrocious MasterChef episode where they took on the CWA of NSW, I think learning to be a good 'plain cook' should be mandatory before advancing to the macaroon and molecular levels- it's all about basic techniques you know.
And Nikki has sent over some more of her beautiful knitting needles.
Please cross your fingers the bird parcel arrives today.......
And don't forget it's the last day to buy Chutney Club raffle tickets online! I believe Dell will be previewing the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes today so check it out!


  1. I treasure my CWA cookbooks. I knew my beloved and I were meant to be when he gave me a new hardbound version of the WA one - and really it's been a gem. The Tasmanian one cant be beat for it's basic banana cake recipe. It's so important to have these simple recipes preserved and passed on. After all what's the point of molecular gastronomy if you can't bake a scone?

  2. I love that book - thank you dear Pen.
    The coffee creams recipe is fab - using "chicory essence" from a bottle - loved buying and using it, the bottle hasn't changed one iota in decades.

  3. and not just for girls. fox has embraced his WOMAN and can't get his snout out of the pages. Thank you Missy Pen Pen! best Birthday present ever. (well from someone OTHER than Birdie!) x x

  4. I have my great-grandmother's copy from 1958. It is full of little hand written notes. I think back in the day they really did use this book religiously!


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