Tuesday, 14 December 2010

ginger bears

I'm sitting here with a cup of tea and a little container of Dell's delicious homemade biscuits, macaroons and her ginger hearts topped with crispy icing and 100&1000s. The macaroons were yum but my heart flips over her ginger hearts as they remind me of my favourite childhood biscuits- honey bears. They definitely are my madeleines.
Busy day in the studio, new Cressida chemises and Polly pinafores. Some of the sleeves on the Cressidas are made from the beautiful tablecloth above and the Pollys are a bright Madras check, all pink and red and cobalt and yellow. Tonight's been finishing the vintage japanese shibori and ikat purses and printing new Xmas cards.
I almost went postal this afternoon at the post office. Our usual parcel delivery man is a gem, he knows all our odd opening hours and makes sure we get our deliveries nice and neat but the Business Centre contract people are, well, enough to send a sane person insane. At the studio they don't ring the buzzers and will not climb the stairs. Today I went to pick up the bird parcel but even though the card said to pick up after 12noon at 5pm it was still apparently in the back of some Australia Post courier's van..... I wasn't amused and of course I was served by the surliest counter jockey ever, who I often attempt to avoid being served by. OK I know it's Xmas and all but he is like this all year. I'm hoping I get served by someone other than him tomorrow. Of course if the parcel is still AWOL I might actually enjoy having a tantrum. Workers going postal.

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  1. chemises avec des sleevses? any chance of a peek for distant correspondents?


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