Monday, 20 December 2010


The time is drawing nigh, we are heading into the last straight, yep, five more sleeps and....
I get to sleep in!
I'm slowing down (or possibly giving up), the birds still haven't arrived and I don't know whether we have enough/right/interesting stock to get though these last four shopping days of Xmas 2010. This time of the retail year is so very stressful. Probably most annoying of all is that I have barely got any of my own presenting even vaguely started. I am thinking of telling everyone that they are going to get their usual jam and gingerbread for New Year instead.
I have got one present sorted but in many ways it's mainly an attempt to get a new project for next winter kickstarted, I'm sneaky like that. It might just get me excited enough to get things moving as starting a new design can be very hard. Blank page and all that. It needs to ferment and fester for a while before it all comes bubbling up.
There's a bit of running around to do in the morning and then I think tomorrow might be the last 'real' studio day for the year with Wednesday left over for a bit of tinkering and pottering. I have plans for the end of the week.......

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  1. I'm sure you have plenty of stock, Pen, and you are being hard on yourself.
    Take heart from this story from my sister who works in a bookshop.
    The panic shoppers of the last few days befoe Christmas come in and buy ANY BOOK AT ALL, as long as it's big and shiny. So I reckon move all your BIGGEST things to the front and it will all go, go,go.


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