Sunday, 19 December 2010


These posters that have been appearing on Gertrude Street have been amusing me no end. The cupcake one is outside the bakery, not that they make cupcakes, but I like a little bit of thoughtful location choice with my graffiti.
It's Sunday again and I'll be opening the shop at high noon again today. I had a customer who came in last Sunday and she popped in again yesterday, she said 'the shop looks like it's been ransacked' which has sent me into a total tailspin. Six more shopping days to go and do I have enough stock?! The damn bird parcel hasn't arrived and if it appears on Friday afternoon I really can't be held responsible if I go postal with the post office. I'm starting to think that if everyone is going to shop online then Australia Post better lift their game..... and I've been wondering if there will be lots of people with nothing under their Xmas trees this year because their presents are still in transit somewhere. Good reason to shop local and handmade I think!'

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