Monday, 27 December 2010

napping, reading, tea drinking

Hello all.
Hope you have managed to survive Xmas. I have spent most of the last three days sleeping and drinking cups of tea. I piked on family Xmas celebrations and the day was spent mainly under blankets in blissful slumber. It's so lovely and peaceful around here at this time of year and I have been pottering about with no music on and the occasional watching of strange holiday TV programmes. Of course last night's highlights were the Doctor Who Xmas Special(and a half hour of the 'Doctor Who at the Proms' late in the afternoon) and the last half of 'To Kill a Mockingbird' (even though the image/sound was out of whack). Every time I watch that film I am amazed by how very, very good it is, it is the one film adaption of a novel I find no fault in- and of course Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch... sigh. I rarely watch TV during the day and it just goes to show how wound down I can get at this time of the year.
I have a pile of things I want to get done around the house/Cottage. Project One was easily achieved yesterday afternoon, the new white wooden venetian blind has gone up on the big window upstairs. Whilst it faces south it lets in a stream of light that is sometimes blinding and the linen curtain can cut too much light so now there are curtain and blind options. The Cottage opens again next Tuesday 4th of January and I have a lot to do between now and then. The problem is really where to start as I know that everything I plan to do is going to make the mess that exists now even more horrendous. This place is a sty so I don't know what I am worried about! Bunnings tomorrow morning for supplies! Although that might involve getting out of bed before 10am......
I've finished Philip Pullman's 'Four Tales', a quartet of 'fairy tales' with lovely illustrations, which I really enjoyed. I read the "His Dark Materials' trilogy last Xmas and found that I really didn't enjoy any of the books which has annoyed me no end. I am a re-reader and keep thinking that perhaps if I read them again I might like them better but I just can't bring myself to getting them down off the shelf. The Westgarth Street Crew gave me 'The Paper Garden'  in my Xmas Bundle and  this is going to be next on the Xmas reading list (good score here as I was going to buy this to read!).

By the way, Miss Magnolia was re-doilied on Xmas Eve and she is looking mighty pretty.

Jethro is loving the sleeping in, having the run of the shop and he is pretty pleased with himself for catching a mouse on Xmas night.

I think it might be time for more tea.

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