Tuesday, 28 December 2010

love it when a plan comes together

Off to Bunnings this morning to get the materials for Stage One.
Stage One is almost completed, I was two planks short of a frame and got distracted by customer appointments and cups of tea and chat with Jen so Bunnings again in the morning (I am estimating three visits should finish this job). I'll get all the decking cut and hopefully manage to lay it out and screw it down by the end of tomorrow.
Jethro has checked out my progress and is quite excited by the whole project.
I've accepted the wonk as no matter how many times I got out with the level the whole thing just kept throwing itself out a tad. That's the joy of living in a Victorian built structure- you must embrace the lack of right angles and equal measurements.
Have I told you what is going on? I'm building a deck out the back, attempting to make the curve of the concrete into a nice level surface with a seat built into the end so Jethro and I can sit out on a Sunday morning and read the paper. The Azores jasmines are waiting to go into planters and run riot up the walls. The seat may take me a bit longer to sort as my brain may not stand the strain of any more calculations.
It's taken me three summers but I might actually be getting there!


  1. Well that is definately timber, so something is 'growing' on the concrete.. keep at it and goodluck !

  2. Woo hoo
    How excitement maybe well actually get some sunshine by the time you finish it so you can both bask on your love seat!!


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