Friday, 24 December 2010

the last day of retailmas

I'm just back from the Vic Market. Its a bit of a tradition to get up early on Xmas Eve, go to the market, buy food that doesn't really go together to make a meal, let alone a snack, remember that the shops will all be open again on Boxing Day and that I won't starve between now and then, buy a horrendously expensive but delicious box of cherries and come home again for a cuppa and a nap in bed before the last day of Retailmas kicks in.
I think really the whole market  thing is an excuse to venture out early on what is often a very peaceful morning. No one is rushing early to work and everyone is purposeful but bleary eyed as they collect everything for the their big Xmas feasts. I never enter the meat and fish section on Xmas Eve, that would be like the Seventh Circle of Hell and anyone that survives 15 minutes in there should be awarded a medal. I wish I had managed to get a photo of the scene through this door when I arrived at the market- this fishmonger was holding a huge lobster aloft with everyone staring up it in wonder and awe as if it was a crustacean Baby Jesus.
So today is Xmas Eve and we'll be opening the shop at 10am. We still have lovely things for you to spend your money on if you have forgotten to buy a present for your Cousin Joe (a hookturn cup, useful and well priced), your Great Aunt Stella (a budgie, she'll never know it's stuffed),  your Mum (knitting needles and wool, if she starts now you might actually score something to wear by autumn), your big brother (CWA cookbook, he might be able to make egg and bacon molecular foam but he couldn't make a scone to save himself) or perhaps yourself (one of our lovely new leather purses in which you can stash those presents that came in 'notes of legal tender' form). We'll be closing at 5pm because we know you will all be off the streets and at home with the wrapping paper and twine.

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  1. Merry Christmas Pen and Jethro! Hope you have a wonderful day off, and a fab new year to come. Cherries are a very healthy Christmas treat.


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