Friday, 1 June 2012

winter of our content

This week hasn't amounted to much. A lot of farting about and procrastinating, no dye pots, no sewing machine, a bit of tea cake eating yesterday. 
Now it is Winter and I am bravely attempting to leave the house. I have a huge pile of Welsh blankets to lug to the car and have just realised I may be almost out of cushion inserts. Damn. This is what happens when you leave the elves to run the studio. 
I had an old photo of my studio that I took ages ago emailed to me this week and I was so embarrassed by the state my studio is in now. You can't even see the floor or a have a clear sightline from one end to the other, I really need to do something about that before I am found dead under a hoarding avalanche. And home isn't much better at the moment. The bedroom is sporting a clothes carpet and there is an trail of escaped beanbag beans through the big room. 
Time to face the elves at the studio.

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