Thursday, 14 June 2012


No studio yesterday. I slept in a fraction (and again this morning, my bed is just so nice and snugly) and then drove up country to get the rest of my glove order. A few op shops on the way, no great hauls, and I seem to have developed a love of photographing things I don't buy, Hipstamatic and op shops seem to go together so well.
The first box of our second order of Lisa B socks has arrived and fingers crossed the second lot will arrive today. There is a full range of calf length spot socks in and the lovely Argyle ones too and in this box was the knee high fair-isle design. There should be OTK diamonds and spots and the new colour block style in today's delivery. I'll snap a photo later to show you their glorious sockiness!
Other news? Not much. Trying to stop procrastinating and trim and tag a couple of boxes of gloves. Trying to remember to take a kilo of lavender and a technical book to the studio. Trying to find a picture of a seat cushion to send to the upholsterers for a job I'm advising on. Trying to leave the house. Very very trying.

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