Wednesday, 6 June 2012

dreaded lurgy and darkest derrimut

The Dreaded Lurgy has really got it's claws into me. I'm coughing and spluttering and sniffing. See, as soon as  one slows down this is what happens, it pounces like an evil troll and drags you to its lair where it precedes to do nasty things to you. Blah. Cough. Sniff. Yawn.
Yesterday I had to get in the car and drive to glorious Derrimut (yet again) as Fedex had managed to deliver three out of the four boxes we were waiting for and I had to go pick up the one that had 'missed the bus'. I sometimes wonder what I have done to deserve the courier crap I seem to regularly have to sort out. Is it some form of karma? Or is it that courier services are just generally pretty poor? Perhaps I am just impatient.
Anyway we now have the four boxes clogging up the shop. A small shipment of Cambridge Satchels. Not the big shipment we ordered 2 months + ago but an apology shipment that will hopefully tide us over until our next big deliver at the end of August. There is a story there and I will write it today, nothing interesting but just an explanation of why the satchels are late arriving.
On the up side we have some new glittery satchels! 'Graphite' which sparkles all silvery and the black with multi-coloured glitter which we like to call 'Starry Starry Night'. They are pretty fabulous! We've also received 15" Classic pink and purple, 13" and 14"  dark brown and 11" in dark brown, black and pink. No fluoros so please don't ask! I'll post a list later of exactly what we have in stock including the leftovers from the last massive shipment.
Now I need to go stir the dye vat, take some medicine and eat some porridge.

ps I burnt the porridge

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  1. oh I hate burnt porridge....and I am frequently doing just that.


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