Friday, 29 June 2012

gilded lily

It's up!
Ray the Gilder dropped off the sign yesterday so there has been a flurry of glueing, tacking, drilling, measuring and, as of late this afternoon, it was hung.
It's strange for the Cottage to finally have a proper sign. We've had the chalk sign on the door and the slate in the window but this is the real McCoy, it's so grown up and proper. And very beautiful. I feel like the Cottage isn't quite good enough for its sign!
Ray has done some of the most wonderful gold leaf signage around town, there is a great little interview with him over at Mr Blanc (I am loving Mr Blanc's blokeville blog, I do love a good 'bloke'!). Once you get your eye in you'll be able to spot Ray's work as you gad about Melbourne and further a field. It really is very beautiful which is why we had it done on a framed glass panel so that we can carry it with us where ever we may go- not saying that we are going anywhere!
Library Girl dropped in on Wednesday and teased as that we should be an 'emporium'. We want an emporium and a tea room! Dell and I have been joking about the Cottage Industry tea room for ages now, what we will cook, the decor, the preserves, the ginger beer..... of course it is all dependent on me winning PowerBall.... there is also the jokes about the country cottage totally decorated with Welsh blankets.....


  1. Looks great, lovely.
    Yes I am egging you on to expand to tearooms one day. Can see Dell in black frock with white pinny, lacy cap and striped legs...

  2. The Cottage is so good enough for its sign Pen!
    Extremely sign-worthy. I can't wait to see it in all its gilded glory. Also Cottage stocking Trunk & Orderly suitcases? Match made in heaven. Also emporium. Also Tea Room. Also Dell in a white pinny. Xx

  3. what a wonderful sign! i think i must make the trip to see it -- it's been aaages since i had the pleasure of being in your lovely shop.


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