Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Two days in the studio. A hard slog. I think it is just getting my head around working at the machine, cutting patterns and trying to match checks in the fabric. It was slow going but I get a couple of dresses completed, apart from buttons and sadly only in one size. Sampling is always slow and then as painful as production is at least there is the joy that making multiples takes only a smidge longer than making one.
Today will be bill paying, typing on the computer and glove dyeing. Hopefully.
A package arrived from up country yesterday, Ann has been busy crocheting and we have a whole garden of flowering tea cosies in the shop now. They are a joy to behold. Makes you think Spring is on the way....
Jethro has ramped up his 'glove hunting' and brought/caught me 10 pairs last night. He used to restrict himself to samples and seconds nut now he is fetching stock. It's cute, annoying, amazing, obsessive, proud  and I should think myself lucky it isn't mice. I think it is because he has scared all the mice away that he does it. Every morning I have to collect them off the bed and pick them up from through the house, a glove trail. He brought me two pairs straight after the earthquake last week, a short and a long, obviously he wasn't sure which ones I would need in an emergency.
Time to turn the dye copper on and whip up a batch of porridge (not in the copper) to keep me going through the day. And definitely another bucket of tea.

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