Tuesday, 12 June 2012

a tuesday a bit like a monday

A day in the studio, the first full day in... oh, I don't know how long! I thought perhaps I needed to do something new, dust off Monster (the walking foot machine, brother to the Beast the walking foot binding machine), chop into some leather, make a new purse or two. I floated a bit, couldn't settle totally, got annoyed at the dust and mess. So out came the vacuum, which actually always sits in the middle of the floor taunting and tripping me up, lugged cardboard boxes to the bin and I hunted out blankets read for quilt making.
The studio was freezing and my fingertips got clumsy from the cold, meeting my fellow studio dwellers in the hall everyone was murmuring about the cold, jealous of my beanie. For the first time this Winter I switched the heater on and burnt the dust off. It's always a bit of a rude shock when the residual warmth of Summer finally leaves the building. So this week I need to get my head around being back in the studio, focusing on what needs to be done (like Winter clothing), I'm late as usual but once I get motivated I'll speed up. 
I've got gloves in the washing machine that need to go in the dryer, gloves in the sink that need to go in the dye pot, gloves on that table that need clipping and tagging, gloves up country that need to be picked up, gloves to go out, gloves, gloves, gloves......

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