Tuesday, 19 June 2012


An exciting evening. An earthquake that seemed to go for quite awhile. Jethro fine about the shaking, he just sat and looked at me curiously then went down to check all was OK and to bring a pair of short burgundy gloves and then a pair of long red gloves. He'd be good in an emergency obviously. Seems there is a bit of Rin Tin Tin in him.
A bare couple of hours in the studio today, spliced in between wholesale customer meetings, a photo shoot of products for a local newspaper and a bit of dyeing. I really will have to have a very intense burst of dyeing soon as I'm finding the glove boxes to be running low again. I barely seem to catch up before I have to start all over again.
I seem to have a lot of appointments this week, Ballarat tomorrow, something exciting to show you soon! And Jethro has just brought me another pair of gloves... fluoro yellow... he's so kind... I really shouldn't encourage him...
I received some lovely emails from people about yesterday's post- thank you. I'm not really down on Pinterest and time on the internet, just more curious and contemplative about the world they create. I don't quite know how people fit them into their days, I seem to run out of time everyday just getting through the basics. Time is a luxury.
I am mourning the impending demise of broadsheet newspapers and editorial independence. I love reading my news printed on paper. I'm sorry but I can be a Luddite about these things or should I say an 'anti-Luddite'- don't smash those machines, keep them running! I know, I am very old-fashioned.

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  1. Oh ~ I thought little brother was joking...the earth really did move then?

    Sarah -x-


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