Wednesday, 20 June 2012

we ♥ trunk and orderly

A nippy 5.8°C in Ballarat at 11.30 this morning but worth the cold and the drive to meet up with Anna and Joel of Trunk and Orderly- the Cottage is now stocking their fabulous cases! I love people who save machinery, are as skills-mad as me, are producing such gorgeous products and have a homemade pot bellied stove to keep their factory warm.

You can read the story  of T&O over at the D-Files . These beauties are handmade in Ballarat, the case board is 20-30 years old, as are most of the fittings, the lining we've chosen is a print created from old train tickets and we've got the cases in 3 sizes (lunch, kinder and weekender). If I wasn't so tired I would rave more about them but between my yawns and watery eyes I think it is time to heat up the wheat bag and crawl under the mountain of Welsh blankets on the bed.
Between earthquake and windy icy weather I'm worn out and sleepy.
Oh and look we have product in the Michi Girl online shop now!
The rest of the week is looking bitter weatherwise (just how I like it!) so remember we have lots of lovely angora gloves and Lisa B socks for you to snuggle into. Really need to do something about the lack of Winter clothing  and the dearth of blanket quilts.......


  1. oh my Lord I want want want them.
    You are a bad woman to make me so wanty for stuff!


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