Monday, 11 June 2012

cake, stew, flu

Sorry for the lack of communication.
I had a post written and ready to go on Saturday morning but something went haywire and I thought it was Blogger's fault but actually my modem had a touch of the interflu which has resulted in my hanging on the phone for an hour and a half on a public holiday trying to get it fixed. All done now.
I managed to sneak in a sleep in this morning, a double batch of poppy red gloves dyed, an apple and walnut cake cooked and a chicken soup/stew on the stove. The washing has even been hung out. Crazy huh? If you are thinking that looks like a lot of cream next to that slice of oven warm cake then I refer you to my friend Beck's comment yesterday that there is never too much cream (made as she spooned whipped cream onto my golden syrup sponge cake filled with cream patisserie and coated in chocolate ganache).
I really do like a two day weekend, I seem to only get them if it's a public holiday on the Monday. I wonder sometimes what it would be like to have them every week. I'd probably get bored.... and I wonder why it is that on some days it is so much easier to get things done.
Hope you've had a lazy few days, it's the last of the off-days for some time here, Winter is settling in hard and fast. To all those people who tried phoning the shop today to come in and buy gloves and satchels, just have a day off from shopping, OK?

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