Tuesday, 26 June 2012

checking out

So there I was in the studio yesterday, trying out some toiles of basic blocks, thinking about how we are so short on wintery clothes and how I need to get my shit together. My brain just doesn't like the idea of production at the moment, like the good 'craft athlete' that I am I really need to push through that maker's pain barrier. And I need to find some way to clone myself and work on a dozen projects at once. Or I suppose I could get out of bed earlier.... hmmm, maybe not that.
I'm off to get some more pattern kraft as the end of my roll is so tight it springs up and curls when I am trying to draft patterns. It is both annoying and amusing. I might tinker with the new dress pattern before I grade it and then find time this week to make a few. Along with all the other things waiting to be done.

My new Lisa B 'patch' socks seem to match the studio happenings exactly. A bit of an orange/blue/grey theme happening although the 'blue' in the dress is much more electric-y purple than denim-y indigo. 
OK I'm going now. 
Things to do. 

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