Thursday, 14 June 2012

the great equalizer

No product to show for today, just a lot of pencil sharpenings, bits of kraft paper and some swearing. Playing with pattern blocks, master blocks, adapted blocks, doing things like 'equalizing shoulders', losing darts, creating ease. As I said, no product, perhaps it will lead to product.... or hair tearing.
I am feeling flat this evening, funny how that can creep up on you. I've just been through the glove boxes trying to get an order together to discover how low we are on some colours/lengths. How did that happen? So now I have 'elephant' in the washing machine and 'charcoal' soaking in the copper. The kitchen is piled high with boxes and bags of gloves , there is definitely no room to swing a cat although Jethro like to pretend he is scaling the south face of the Himalayas by clambering up and over them.
I've discovered that I can easily clean the kitchen ceiling if I wait for the copper to reach a nice boil and fill the kitchen and laundry with steam. I've been thinking it needed a re-paint but it's amazing what a wipe over can do. Cleaning, so many other better ways to fill your day. I do have plans to get out the drill out soon, I'm thinking the sliding door between the kitchen and laundry might make a good moving pegboard. Sometimes a bit of home reno is as good as a holiday.

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